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America’s last major broadband investment starts soon.

Will your Tribe get its fair share? Make sure your Tribe is at the table. Enroll in the Tribal Broadband Office today.

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States decide where to direct America’s $42.5 Billion BEAD program.

We’re supposed to be at the table, but it may come as no surprise to many of you – we are not.

Tribal Ready helps your Tribe shape the 5 year plan of states, who are legally required to work with you.

We are here to make sure your Tribe gets its fair share.

Tribal Ready helps your Tribe shape the 5 year plan of states

Everything you need to:

Prove your Tribe’s unserved and underserved locations

Help states you work to honor your Tribe’s Data Sovereignty

Gather data you need with Broadband Audit

Built data-driven, compliant answers for BEAD, Tribal, & CPF grants in any state or territory

Track progress within and across applications


Be at the table: Join The Tribal Broadband Office

Every Tribe should receive its share of BEAD funding, but the truth is that many won’t.

The Tribal Broadband Office works to ensure you’re at the table, getting your share of America’s last major broadband investment.


Align with stakeholders, on your terms.

  • Collaborate with your stakeholders.
  • Empower them to do their part.
  • Preserve your Tribe’s Data Sovereignity
  • Be on the same page as your partners with up-to-date insights and guidance you need.

Craft compelling, compliant answers

  • Get the facts and program rules you need to build winning applications
  • Expert help from Tribal Ready

The choice is yours:



Sit on the sidelines during the largest-ever program

get connected

get connected

Be at the table in BEAD. Get your Tribe’s share.

Time is running out

The wait is over. Get the Tribal Broadband Grant tools and resources you need, from a Native-owned company.

Don’t miss out...

Tribal Nations are systemically undercounted in needs-based government grants.

Prove need in your Tribe with tools built from the ground up to respect Tribal Data Sovereignty Principles

Ensure affordable access for all unserved & underserved.


We are with you at every step of the journey

Mapping need is the first step in a 1,000 step journey to connecting your people.

Tribal Ready is with you throughout the deployment lifecycle, from grant application research & development to post-award reporting & compliance.


Choose how you want to proceed

Work with partner providers, launch your own ISP, or build a model that works for you.

No matter what you choose, stay aligned with stakeholders throughout the journey to connect and serve.


Cover all the bases you need for BEAD and Tribal awards

Tribal Ready ensures your Tribe has everything needed to win, deploy, and comply.

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Automate 10 Year Reporting & Compliance

Offer Turnkey ACP™

Outage management

Secure subscriber records

Subscriber Experience

And more…

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